NFL Threatens Marshawn Lynch With Fines, Penalites


UPDATE: Marshawn Lynch answered almost every single question that was thrown his way. It just happened to be the same response regardless of what was asked.

The NFL threatened to fine the All-Pro running back a whopping $500k if he didn’t attend his mandatory media session. How idiotic are the people with the NFL that establish finable offenses and their amounts?

We’re just minutes away from the Seattle Seahawks portion of Super Bowl media day. The big story will be whether Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch complies with NFL policy and allows reporters to conduct their questioning while giving legitimate responses.

Last year at this time, Lynch chose to avoid the media and was subject to a fifty thousand dollar fine. Only NFL analyst Dion Sanders was able to have meaningful questions answered. The fine was later put on hold, with an agreement that Lynch would comply the following season.

We know that Lynch ended up skipping out on multiple other media obligations and not only was the original fine issued again, a new fine for the same amount was also handed down.

Now, with just five days until Super Bowl 49, the NFL is threatening Lynch with not only fines for not speaking to the media, but also fines and penalties if he chooses to do what has become his trademark TD celebration, the crotch grab.

If Marshawn Lynch at any point grabs his junk, officials can and will throw a flag that will result in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing play.

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