Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field Getting a Facelift


Since its opening in 1999, Safeco Field has had numerous upgrades and alterations to its original design. Today the Seattle Mariners are expected to announce another.

Over 600 enormous high intensity lights, similar to the ones used at every major league park are being substituted for more efficient, player and fan friendly LED lights.

A Federal Way company has been tasked with the switch and Major League Baseball has already conducted its testing and said that the new system either meets, or exceeds their standards. The switch could have been costly as the organization underwent the change without any guarantee of being approved. After two days of officials testing every inch of the playing surface, they can breathe a sigh of relief.

The new lights will be a full go for opening day and the Seattle Mariners will be the first team in the league to play on a 100% LED lit field.

The switch is expected to decrease to cost of lighting the stadium by as much as 60% and last up to 50 years. Meaning the lights may very well outlive Safeco Field.

Although Safeco Field will be the first ballpark to use the LED lights, other professional leagues such as the NBA and NFL have already made the switch. University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Seattle Seahawks will play Super Bowl 49 is one stadium that uses the newer, more efficient technology.

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