Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers: NFC Title Game Predictions


In only his third season in the NFL, Russell Wilson, with the help of an elite defense and All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch, has led the Seattle Seahawks to within one win of a second Super Bowl appearance.

Seattle has never appeared in a conference title game in two consecutive years, until now. At 12-4 the Green Bay Packers earned the NFC’s #2 seed. One of their losses came in week one when they faced the Seahawks in the very place they’ll be playing today.

The game was decided by 20 points and Aaron Rodgers was healthy. Now, with a torn calf, Rodgers isn’t 100% and his movement was visibly decreased against the Dallas Cowboys. Of course he still pulled out the victory, so you can’t underestimate him.

Earl Thomas isn’t.

"“I’m not buying into this leg issue. I’m not buying into it.  I saw him scramble close to the goal line on the Cowboys, so he’s not fooling me with that.”"

Our sister blog, 12th Man Rising, did multiple simulations between the two teams using Madden 15. Check out the results that they posted yesterday.

Here is how I see the NFC Title game playing out:

1. Russell Wilson scores three TD’s, commits zero turnovers.

One of the reasons for the Seahawks success under Pete Carroll has been the turnover margin. Seattle very rarely turns the ball over more than their opponents.

Russell Wilson is one of the best in the NFL at limiting turnovers. Expect for Wilson to be cautious early on. Steadily running the ball with Lynch and Wilson, as they have all season, will limit interceptions as well as tire the Packers defense for the second half.

2. The Legion of Boom will be epic.

Last week’s win over the Carolina Panthers was widely recognized as the “Kam Chancellor” game. Who’s turn will it be this week? Richard Sherman never had an opportunity in week one as Rodgers avoided throwing to his side all game.

He’s already mentioned challenging Sherman this week. Earl Thomas makes plays every week which is why he was named as an All-Pro first teamer.

Byron Maxwell is a free agent after the season and is already regarded a the top cornerback on the market. He’s playing for a new contract and a big game in a championship match would easily raise his value. As if being a starter in the LOB doesn’t do that already.

3. Matt Flynn will make an appearance.

The Seahawks have a chance to do something that the organization and it’s players have never done. Make it to consecutive Super Bowls. We all know the players are hungry for recognition. Many of the defensive starters still have a chip on their shoulders and feel disrespected, be it where they were drafted or whatever.

Aaron Rodgers is the key to the Packers winning this game. Seattle will put pressure on him to carry his team. I’m glad to hear that Earl Thomas thinks that the leg injury is a front. But you could see in the Dallas game that Rodgers couldn’t put much power on his throws since his leg didn’t generate the momentum it usually does.

Where he’s even more dangerous is outside of the pocket. With one week of rest I can’t see him doing much scrambling and extending plays. Seattle’s pass rush will get to Rodgers. When they do, they’ll hit him hard.

It may be for just a play or two, but Matt Flynn will come into the game today.

Seahawks 27 – Packers 13

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