Russell Wilson Cries, Doug Baldwin Gets Angry After Seahawks Victory (Video)


After the greatest comeback in Seattle Seahawks history, wide receiver Doug Baldwin took a moment to address the media that were waiting outside of the Seahawks locker room.

Coming back from a 16-point deficit the way that Seattle did set off a whole range of emotions after the game. Doug Baldwin showed us why his nickname, “Angry,” is appropriate.

While quarterback Russell Wilson was on the other side of the spectrum with his feelings.

What this team did in the last two-and-a-half minutes will be talked about long after the season is over. A touchdown run by Wilson, a 25-yard TD run by Marshawn Lynch, and then a much-needed two-point conversion on a play that looked dead from the snap…

Everything that needed to go right for the Seahawks in the first 57 minutes, didn’t. Then in some strange twist, the world began spinning in the right direction and plays suddenly started going Seattle’s way.

An onside kick goes straight through a defenders hands, bounces off of a facemask and BEHOLD, a Seahawk has possession.

A floater that stayed in the air for way too long was caught for a successful two-point conversion. It was a ball that could have easily been Wilson’s fifth interception.

It’s safe to say that Russell Wilson wasn’t the only man crying after the game. I’m sure there were plenty of tears shed in Seattle today.

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