Seattle Sports Fans: What We Have To Be Thankful For

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Chris Hansen

Seattle will have an NBA team in the next five years. Book it. The NBA owes Chris Hansen more than, even as billionaires, they could be able to repay him.

His bidding war with Vivek Ranadive doubled the value of the Sacramento Kings, effectively raising the value of all NBA franchises. He also was the one who finally convinced Steve Ballmer to finally get in the franchise ownership game, which as we know worked out pretty well for the NBA. Ballmer would spend an absurd $2 billion to buy the LA Clippers, once again doubling the value of NBA franchises.

It has been estimated that the Milwaukee Bucks are now worth $1.6 billion, compared to just $550 million in April of this year.

Chris Hansen will have something to show for his efforts when it is all said and done. And we will all have an NBA team to root for.

Thank you, Chris Hansen.