Washington Huskies News: Real Season About to Begin


The Washington Huskies football team is 4-0, and that is something to celebrate. Now, the real competition begins.

This is not to suggest that the first four games have been meaningless. Wins are wins, as the Huskies beat the Illinois Fighting Illini, and an underrated Eastern Washington Eagles teams in Week 2 to get here.

The reality is that the Huskies are not going to be taken completely seriously until they beat a noteworthy Pac-12 team. If only there was such a team on the schedule.

Oh wait, there is.

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This upcoming week the Huskies will host the 16th-ranked Stanford Cardinal, a team that is 2-1 and has an interesting path to this point. The Cardinal have two wins against weaker teams (UC Davis and Army), and a very close loss (13-10) to #14 USC.

With this in mind, we are faced with a simple question. How good is this Stanford team?

Statistically, this is the stingiest defense in the county at 4.3 points per game, though this is admittedly a very small sample. Meanwhile, the Huskies have averaged 41.3 points per game, and 49.3 per game in the last three contests.

Will Stanford be able to keep the dual-threat of Cyler Miles in check? Could the Huskies get into another shootout, like they did against Eastern Washington?

Frankly, it is hard to predict the outcome of this game. So many early games on the schedule are against a wide variety of cupcakes, which means that marquee teams do not have to face signficant challenges.

Granted, the Huskies haven’t exactly rolled through these first four games. They barely edged Hawaii, survived a slugfest with EWU and needed a hot second half to run away from Georgia State.

Will the real Washington Huskies please stand up?

If the Dawgs get past Stanford, they will undoubtedly find themselves in the Top-25 with a 5-0. Wouldn’t that be something?