How Good Are the 3-0 Washington Huskies?


The Washington Huskies are 3-0. That is good, right?

Of course it is, and Husky fans should feel good about cheering for an undefeated team. However, there is a lingering question.

How good is this team?

The first game of the season against Hawaii is a bit hard to quantify. After all, it was the first game of the year and Cyler Miles was suspended.

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Since Miles has returned, the Huskies have scored 103 points in two games. The offense is clearly working.

Granted, the Dawgs have also given up 71 points, so they aren’t exactly shutting down their opponents. Last week, the Huskies won in a shootout with Eastern Washington. Not what you would call a powerhouse.

This week, the Huskies will welcome the Georgia State Panthers, who are 1-2 and currently third in the Sun Belt Conference. On paper, this is a cupcake, which is what the SEC plays all throughout the season when they aren’t playing each other and limiting their geographic range to avoid outside competition.

Aw, was that mean-spirited?

So, we still might not know whether this Washington team is actually good, or just feasting on thinner opponents in the earlier part of the season. Washington is running the ball extremely well (258.7 ypg) and Miles has completed more than 65% of his passes in two games. Good stuff.

The question is still about the defense, and whether they can stop a big-time program. This upcoming week may not give us a more complete answer.

Two weeks from now, the Stanford Cardinal comes to town, and the real tests will begin. Two weeks after that, the Huskies go on the road to face the dangerous Oregon Ducks. Then, we will really get an idea as to whether this Husky team can be competitive in the Pac-12.

Washington fans will take an undefeated start. Soon, we will know if the 3-0 start was the beginning of something great, or just a distant memory.