Five Signs You Are a True Seattle Mariners Fan

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Aug 5, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners fans in the “King

Attending games

Who are the true fans? People who go to games. Obviously if you live in another state or country, this can be a difficult endeavor. However, if you are a local and claim to enjoy the Mariners, you need to hit the ballpark a few times each season.

Look, I understand the hesitation. It can be expensive to attend these types of events. Parking can be a hassle. Crowds can be annoying. Sometimes it is much more enjoyable to stay home, watch the game on your big TV, eat the food out of your refrigerator and not share the bathroom with hundreds of strangers.

Still, fans should go out and support the team, even if the franchise is not necessarily putting together a long string of wins at home. Safeco Field is a beautiful ballpark, the food is good and it has fantastic views. When you have been to a few baseball stadiums, you appreciate how easy it is to walk around different areas at Safeco.

The Mariners have ranked 23rd in home attendance in 2014. Time for the fans to step their game up.