Five Signs You Are a True Seattle Mariners Fan

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Aug 10, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners former outfielder Ken Griffey Jr addresses the Seattle Mariners team in the dugout during an induction ceremony into the Seattle Mariners hall of fame before the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Milwaukee Brewers at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

A sense of history

True fans have some sense of history, even if it is only a sentimental attachment. Certain names are easy. Ken Griffey, Jr. Edgar Martinez. Jay Buhner. Randy Johnson. Dan Wilson.

The long-term Mariners fans know names like Ruppert Jones, Bruce Bochte, Tom Paciorek and Julio Cruz. More recent fans know Harold Reynolds, Alvis Davis and Mark Langston. These are the players in the challenging early years that set the stage for the majesty of 1995.

Now, you can give the young people a pass on some of these players because they just aren’t old enough to have a historical connection. The point is there were some players that came before Felix Hernandez, as great as he is.