Five Signs You Are a True Seattle Mariners Fan

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Dec 12, 2013; Settle, WA, USA; A Seattle Mariners fan watches an interview session with new Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano (not pictured) at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a true and loyal fan of the Seattle Mariners? Have you stuck with this team through thick and thin?

It is admittedly difficult to find a universal definition for the word “fan.” After all, the range of this societal subgroup extends from people who are generally aware of a team to those who paint their bodies and name their children after certain stars.

There is a general expectation in society that the real fans will approach their teams in the same way they handle certain relationships. In other words, you stick with your friends, family and significant others even when you aren’t having a lot of fun. There are limits, but the point is that loyalty is not always enjoyable.

To be labeled a “fair weather” or “bandwagon” fan is not a compliment. These people are regarded as those who show up during the height of the party and then leave before it is time to clean up.

Following the Seattle Mariners has not always been a satisfying experience. There have been some great moments (1995 and 2001), but in general the Mariners have not provided their fans with a bevy of success and postseason hardware.

So, are you a true fan of the Mariners? Here are a few factors to consider.