Breaking News: Sidney Rice Announces His Retirement


Well, a day after we had raised the question about what Sidney Rice’s upcoming season would look like, he made the answer pretty clear and simple.  He has decided to hang up his jersey, and call it a career.

His decision to declare his retirement from football came as a bit of a shock to most, but not those close to him.  His decision was based on his health, and wanting to maintain it for the rest of his life.  This actually may be a bit of a blessing in disguise for the Seahawks, who had a real dilemma on their hands trying to figure out how to work Rice into the depth chart after acquiring two new receivers during the draft.

I will be the first to admit, I had high hopes of seeing Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin on the field together.  Obviously, that’s something we won’t get the chance to witness, but he is not leaving the Emerald City without having made an impact.  His best year with the Seahawks was in 2012 when he had 50 receptions for 748 yards and 7 touchdowns.  His 6’4 frame provided an excellent target for Russell Wilson to throw to, and was an immediate red zone threat when it came to battles to win a jump-ball.

The city of Seattle owes a big thank you to Rice.  Sure, the team could have used him this season, but his timing of his decision really helps the rookies, clearing up a spot on the depth chart that Doug Baldwin will likely fill, giving room for the new guys to step up into that vacancy.  Everybody’s NFL career comes to a close.  Sidney Rice is going out the way everyone wants to, and that’s off of a Super Bowl win, with good health, and great memories.