Seattle Mariners Stealing Some Spotlight from Seattle Seahawks


Pssst…hey, Seattle Seahawks fans. The Seattle Mariners are good! You might want to pay attention to baseball in the Emerald City this summer.

Are the Mariners as exciting as the Seahawks? Hardly. It is difficult to compete with a Super Bowl win and the possibility of a dynasty in the making.

Still, the Mariners are getting some spotlight these days, or at least they should be.

The Mariners have one of the best (if not the best) pitchers in baseball in Felix Hernandez. Robinson Cano has added some genuine star power to the lineup and the M’s are currently in possession of a playoff spot.

Yes, a playoff spot. The Mariners.

Now, are the Mariners going to make football fans forget about the Seahawks and ignore the weeks leading up to the 2014 NFL season? Unlikely. Notice that I used the word “some” when referring to the spotlight obtained by the Mariners these days.

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In all honesty, the NFL season never really takes a break. Right now is probably the slowest time of the year, but there are still a number of narratives as fans anticipate the start of training camp.

The Seahawks sold out their training camp dates in 45 minutes. I doubt the Mariners will ever have the same experience with spring training.

The bottom line is that diehard Seahawks fans who have become a bit jaded by the Mariners in recent years should check this team out and think about heading to Safeco Field for a few games this summer.

After all, what could be better than a beautiful summer day at the ballpark in Seattle? Bring the noise, and maybe the volume from CenturyLink Field can at least partially translate to the diamond.

Yes, it is good to be a sports fan in Seattle these days. The Seahawks are dominant and the Mariners are actually worth watching.

Now all we need is for the Seattle SuperSonics to return.