Jackson Jeffcoat?  Even Jackson Jeffcoat?  Even

Seattle Seahawks News: Get Excited About Jackson Jeffcoat


Who is Jackson Jeffcoat?  Even Seattle Seahawks fans are not too sure of what to think of the ex-Texas Longhorn who went undrafted, and was scooped up by Seattle.  Despite his name not being called out in the draft, his name sounds oddly familiar.

Perhaps it’s because his father, Jim Jeffcoat, has a couple of Super Bowl rings decorating his fingers that he earned with the Dallas Cowboys.  Or maybe you heard about how he is second in UT history for career tackles for a loss, with 60.  He has been awarded the Big 12’s defensive player of the year award, and the Hendricks Award, given to the best defensive end in college football.

How does someone like this go undrafted?  Truth be told, there is no easy answer for that.  In all likelihood it’s his undersized frame that did him in.  He was projected to go as high as the second round, but 256 names later, Jeffcoat found himself without a team to call his own.  Then the Seahawks called him up, and now he is in Seattle.

There is something about later round and driven, undrafted  players that John Schneider loves.  You have all heard the stories and seen the names on lists.  Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and so on and so on.  This Jeffcoat fella, this no-name DE, he is in good company.  A team full of outcasts with a new Lombardi trophy couldn’t be any more fitting for a kid like this.

A chip on his shoulder?  Try a block.

The NFL might have made a mistake by looking past this guy, and he will be out making every other team that didn’t select him wish they had.  Adding a player like this to the already most terrifying defense in the NFL…how is this even fair?  Yeah, Jackson Jeffcoat will be giving the 12th man plenty of reasons to keep Century Link Field incredibly loud.

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