Seattle Sports: What’s Being Said – Jan 21st


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what is being said both locally and nationally about the Seahawks and Mariners.

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman spends Monday apologizing

"I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates… That was not my intent,” Sherman said Monday in a text message to ESPN."

Super Bowl XLVIII Pick: Seahawks defense has to stop Peyton Manning

"Lets look at three of those story lines and lets call this section: Super Bowl story lines that probably won’t affect the Super Bowl, but they might. If you already hate this section, you can skip it and scroll down to where it says ‘Super Bowl XLVIII Pick,’ that’s where you’ll find my Super Bowl XLVIII pick."

Mariners: 11 Players Who Will Be Fighting for Roster Spots This Spring

"There are several intriguing position battles and storylines to watch for this spring. What will the outfield depth chart look like? Who will be in the starting rotation? Who will be starting at catcher? Those questions and more are addressed in the following slides, as I broke down key position battles and discussed players who need to make a case to earn a roster spot on Opening Day."

The Seahawks and Mariners: A tale of two split franchises

"The two sports are so different, and yet co-exist in perfect harmony. The two have little alike, one a coordinated team effort where games are often won or lost on a handful of high-impact plays, and the other an individual sport masquerading as a team effort, where games are won and lost by hundreds of pitches over hundreds of games across hundreds of days."