Report Card: Grading the Seahawks Win over the Buccaneers

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Special Teams:

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

How valuable has Steven Hauschka been for the team thus far? Nine games in and he’s missed one field goal, which wasn’t even a miss because it was blocked. In overtime, the man with the golden leg had the game riding on his kick and the man drilled a 27-yard FG right down the middle.

I’ve thought this for some time now but this week I finally speak up. Jermaine Kearse is not an NFL caliber return man. His fumble on a return is what ultimately made me want to voice my opinion.

Return men have to posses two primary skills to be successful in the league. Speed and awareness. Kearse hasn’t got the speed needed and hasn’t displayed the awareness to make the necessary cuts to get into open space. It’s time for a change. Luckily Percy Harvin should be able to take over soon.

On the other hand, how awesome is Golden Tate. Though Tate may lack somewhat with the absence of élite speed, his ability to read the field is phenomenal.

The fumble cost the Seahawks D some points but overall it was a solid performance by the special teams units.

Grade: B+