Seahawks HC Pete Carroll Sends Video of Hard Hits to NFL


It has been eight days since the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals tussle in the desert on Thursday Night Football.

The Seahawks came out on top in that contest and improved to 6-1, a record the team has never accomplished before. With the victory the Seahawks maintain their one game lead (plus tiebreaker) over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West.

The reason I’m bringing up a game that was played over a week ago is because some new developments have come out about Hawks head coach Pete Carroll from that game. After the game, Carroll sent video to the NFL offices with two hits from a Cardinals player on his Seahawks.

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When you hear something like this in todays NFL you immediately jump to the reality that there is a fine or suspension coming. For a head coach to send in evidence of hits to the NFL, they must be pretty rough.

In this circumstance however, there won’t be any fines or suspensions.

The Cardinal player on the tape is All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald and his hits on Walter Thurmond and Richard Sherman in Thursdays game jumped out at Carroll for one reason. They both could have been vicious hits that caused injuries but instead were textbook ways to bring down an opposing player legally.

Fitzgerald could have gone for the huge blowup hit to the head but instead chose to lead with his shoulder into the chest of the defenseless Seahawks.

Here is a GIF of the hit on Richard Sherman:

As you can see, Fitzgerald even slowed up knowing he didn’t have to put full force into a hit on a player with similar size.

This is exactly why Fitzgerald was recently voted #1 on the nicest guys in the NFL list.

Fitzgerald is a class-act and Pete Carroll sending in the tapes to show the NFL officials that big hits can still be executed legally is another reason he joins him as a very likable guy.

Just don’t try and convince 49ers fans of that.

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