2013 Seattle Mariners in Review: The Relievers

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For years the Mariners were a lopsided team, heavy on the pitching and light, or whatever’s lighter than light, on the hitting. One year they added an elite defense and were suddenly competent!

That was, of course, short lived, and in 2013 the Mariners again tried something different: an even approach, where they focused on fielding a team that was appalling in all aspects of the game. This meant a league-worst defense and league-minus-the-Astros-worst bullpen, plus three rotation spots worth of dead space. This, coupled with the usual crap offense, meant that we got another bad Mariners team, but at least it was balanced.

We’ll do relievers today and starters tomorrow because no sense in overwhelming you with walls of text about bad pitchers. For the sake of this exercise this post will exclude any reliever who made at least one start, which means you’ll have to wait a day to read about Hector Noesi and company. Woah, Noesi made a start this year? Who knew! The bullpen, as has been mentioned, was bad.

Danny Farquhar emerged as one of the game’s more exciting young closers, but the rest of the pen ranged from underwhelming to atrocious. Want to meet this curious cast of hurlers? Here they are, most of the relief pitchers to appear for the 2013 Seattle Mariners, presented in order from least innings to most.