Week 5 of the NFL regular season is over. The Seahawks are no longer one of the remainin..."/> Week 5 of the NFL regular season is over. The Seahawks are no longer one of the remainin..."/>

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

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 #10 Cincinnati Bengals 3-2

The Bengals are a team that’s almost impossible to predict. They beat the Green Bay Packers, then they lose to the Cleveland Browns, only to defeat the New England Patriots. All this was in the past three weeks.

 #9 Green Bay Packers 2-2

The Packers are top 5 in the NFL in passing yards, rushing yards and run defense. After their road game against the Ravens the schedule lets up a bit.

 #8 Baltimore Ravens 3-2

The Ravens, Browns and Bengals all share the lead in the AFC North. The Ravens have given up the most points in the division thus far (110) and need the run game to improve.

 #7 San Francisco 49ers 3-2

The 49ers lost 29-3 to Seattle and 27-7 to Indy in back-to-back weeks. The past two games have seen the 49ers crush the Rams and Texans, 35-11 and 34-3, respectively. I think it’s safe to say they’re back in form. That’s scary for the rest of the league but luckily the Seahawks have a 1.5 game edge with the win at CenturyLink.

 #6 New England Patriots 4-1

The 4 wins have come against the Bills, Jets, Buccaneers and Falcons. The Patriots aren’t exactly a team that’s putting much fear into opponents. The Bengals held Tom Brady and co. to just 6 points.

 #5 Indianapolis Colts 4-1

I’ll catch some hell for putting the Colts a spot below the Seahawks, a team they just beat this week. If these two teams played at full strength, things would have played out differently. Andrew Luck did have his way with the healthy Seahawks secondary and that does prove him as a solid QB in this league.

 #4  Seattle Seahawks 4-1

Pro Bowl center Max Unger is back and the offensive line needs the bodies. The past two weeks have seen Russell Wilson hurried and barely able to have time in the pocket. Breno Giacomini is likely still out but Unger will help. The secondary has been torn apart the past two weeks against Matt Schaub and Andrew Luck. This wee they’ll have it a little easier with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

 #3 Kansas City Chiefs 5-0

We knew the Chiefs would be better than their 2-14 record from last season. 5-0 and the league’s top defense wasn’t expected. Alex Smith has played very well and I hope the 49ers regret letting him go eventually. It’s nice to see Andy Reid doing well after the way he left the Eagles.

 #2 New Orléans Saints 5-0

Shows you what a difference a coach can make, huh? The Saints offense is its typical self and the defense has been one of the big surprises thus far this season. It wouldn’t be a shock to see them blowout the Patriots with the way both teams have played.

 #1 Denver Broncos 5-0

When your defense allows 48 points to the Dallas Cowboys and you still find a way to win and remain undefeated, it may be a sign that it’s your year. Peyton Manning is on pace to set records at the QB position and in fantasy football. The Broncos are the clear-cut undisputed champ of the NFL right now.

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