Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts: Key Points


via r/seahawks user eomlin

Who is the best QB picked in the 2012 NFL draft? Russell Wilson took a big step last year when he went head to head against the number two overall pick, Robert Griffin III, and prevailed. Tomorrow he gets his chance at the number one overall pick, Andrew Luck.  It will be interesting to see how these men commandeer their teams, adjust to different defensive schemes and lay their selves on the line to win this game. Of course these two players don’t play in a vacuüm and, as such, you can’t judge them ‘mano-a-mano’. Here are emerging key points that are worth mentioning as we try to get past the Wilson vs Luck match up and prognosticate who will win.

If Seattle is to win, the offensive line will have to find a way to block and open holes for Marshawn Lynch. At this point in time the injury report states that Breno Giacomini, Russell Okung are ‘out’ and Max Unger is ‘questionable’. Our hopes will lie with J.R. Sweezy, Michael Bowie, James Carpenter and Paul McQuistan to pick up the slack and protect our beloved quarterback and create creases for Lynch to pound through. Indianapolis’ defensive line is very good, featuring Robert Mathis, a one man wrecking crew this season. We did see glimpses of hope that our offensive line can at least be serviceable last week and with Houdini as our quarterback we can definitely expect a great show on turf. Make no mistake this battle could be the deciding factor in the game.

Our defensive line has to get pressure on their QB. “Okay, thanks, Mr. obvious.” However, the reason lies in the secondary. As good as our secondary is, and it is, given enough time a talented QB like Andrew Luck will find some of his receivers. We can’t afford to give this guy any hint of confidence against our secondary. A healthy and suspension-free Bruce Irvin helps to solidify a line that is already great. This defensive line is a ‘who’s who’ of defensive ends and tackles. We witnessed an apparent horrific injury to Michael Bennett and a potentially serious shoulder injury to K.J. Wright…neither materialized, and they are ready to resume their aggravation to opposing offensive lines. If they can pressure, aggravate and torment Mr. Luck then he may have to rely on his last name to win the game.

Indianapolis will try to get Trent Richardson off and running against our defense in order to free up their passing game. Ahmad Bradshaw is out, so Richardson is the man. This is what a number three overall pick dreams about, a chance to carry a team. Let’s see if this is a dream come true or a nightmare. He may be praying for insomnia before this game is over.

If this game is close, and I suspect that it will be, then look no further than Steven ‘ice in my veins’ Hauschka. Just get him within the same zip code and the game is his. He has developed into a very sure-footed (no pun intended) and consistent kicker for our beloved Seahawks. That is a blessing that most people don’t even think about unless the game is close and then the talismans and lucky rabbit’s feet come out.

There are always concerns about our Seahawks playing an early game, on the road and across the country. The Indianapolis crowd will be amped, their team will be jazzed and the atmosphere will be electric as their team plays one of the favorites to make the Superbowl. And just a side note, if Matt Hasselbeck has to give a video tutorial to the crowd on how to ‘cheer’ for their team to make it hard on the Seahawks, do we really have anything to be worried about? Hey Indianapolis, here’s a clue, when the Seahawks have the ball…that’s when you yell as loud as you can. Bad (Andrew) luck…Go Hawks!

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