Why the Seattle Seahawks will win the Super Bowl


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Too early for such a bold prediction? Never. The Seattle Seahawks will win Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. There, I said it. We are only a quarter of the way through the NFL season, but already there are signs that this could be a season of destiny for the ‘Hawks and their high-volume fans. Why might this occur? There are several reasons.

Defense: The defense is aggressive, athletic, physical and deep. If defense truly wins championships, then this team should be primed for a run at the Lombardi Trophy. The D gave up a worrisome number of yards in the first half against the Houston Texans but when they needed a stop late in the game, they got one.

Quarterback: Russell Wilson. We could just stop there and move onto the next section, but we can add a few details about Seattle’s talented QB. Wilson is not going to stack up the yards or make the most miraculous throws in the league. However, he is going to prepare and make others around him better. A Super Bowl team needs a top-tier quarterback, and Wilson has that “it” factor. Wilson = winner.

Depth and reinforcements: Yes, the offensive line is banged up and fans have to be a bit nervous about that position group. Russell Wilson can’t do his Fran Tarkenton impression on every play. However, just about every other position has great depth. The defense has a lot of guys who can make plays. Seattle is stacked at running back. In addition, more players are on the way. Bruce Irvin will make his debut against the Indianapolis Colts. Rookie Jordan Hill looks like he is ready to go. Not to mention Percy Harvin, who could be an incredible addition if he can get back on the field later in the season. If Russell Okung can also come back for a late-season run, all the better. Depth. Reinforcements on the way. If this team can stay reasonably healthy, look out.

Best home field advantage: If there is a true home field advantage in the NFL, it is CenturyLink Field. Seattle went 8-0 at home in 2012, and they have a realistic shot at repeating that feat in 2013. Teams like the New Orleans Saints are not simply going to step aside and let the ‘Hawks roll through them, but playing playoff games at the Clink would represent a measurable advantage for Seattle.

Overcoming odds: This is where you have to issue the usual caveats. The NFL is a violent and unpredictable league. There is a reason that people use the phrase “any given Sunday” because a lesser team can rise up, get a couple of turnovers, make a big play or two and beat a better team. Seattle must stay healthy, stay in sync, avoid getting overconfident and execute down the stretch. The Seahawks looked very bad in the first half against the Texans in Week 4. And yet, they won that game when they probably should have lost. That type of come-from-behind victory happens to teams that may be a path to greatness.

That is why the Seattle Seahawks will* win the Super Bowl this year.

*All predictions subject to change without notice. You have been warned.

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