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Seahawks Injury Report: Breno Giacomini


John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks offensive lineman Breno Giacomini missed the Houston Texans game due to a knee injury and is now recovering after surgery.

Giacomini underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on Monday to repair cartilage damage.

"“The surgery went really well,” Carroll said. “The doctors were really pleased that there wasn’t a lot of problems structurally and he can get back quickly from this. They think he’ll get back in a pretty short time. The loose bodies floating around in his knee, they were able to clean all that up.”"

The Seahawks missed Giacomini as well as two other lineman in their amazing comeback win against the Texans in Houston. Max Unger and Russell Okung, both Pro Bowl players sat out with their own injuries.

Center Max Unger could be back for the Hawks next game against the Indianapolis Colts but the Seahawks will take it easy on him early on.

"“Max is going to get some work this week, and we’ll see how it goes,” Carroll said. “We’ll be very protective of him early in the week and hope by the end of the week he’ll be ready to go.”"

Unfortunately Okung will still be out for at least six more weeks while he recovers from a torn ligament in his toe. Paul McQuistan will continue to start in his place.

Rookie Michael Bowie will start for Giacomini at right tackle.

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