Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

 #21 Arizona Cardinals 1-2

Carson Palmer is a guy I’ve been rooting for since his early years with the Bengals. Now that he’s with Arizona I still want him to succeed and prove some of his doubters wrong. Just not when they play the Seahawks.

 #22 Tennessee Titans 2-1

Most of us in Washington want to see former Husky Jake Locker succeed at the highest level. Going 2-1 with his only loss coming in OT to the Texans is a good start to the 2013 season for the mobile QB.

 #23 Carolina Panthers 1-2

The Cam Newton led Panthers are second in the league in rushing offense. The reason for their 1-2 start is that the Panthers currently have the worst passing attack in football. Yes, it’s even worst than the Jaguars. With Newton and Steve Smith, that’s unacceptable.

 #24 New York Jets 2-1

The Bills and Buccaneers. Those are the two wins they Jets have earned so far. Now they have road games against the Titans and Falcons. Enjoy the winning record while you can Jets fans.

 #25 Minnesotta Vikings 0-3

Adrian Peterson is the best football player on the planet. Even he couldn’t help the Vikings beat the Browns. How long until he gets pissed off and wants out of Minnesota?

 #26 Washington Redskins 0-3

RG III has the Redskins at 0-III. We all know he’s injured and we still expect big things from the second-year QB down the road.

 #27 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-3

As Seahawks fans you have to love the fact that the 49ers and Steelers area combined 1-5 so far this season. The Steelers will be getting better but they still won’t be making the playoffs in 2013. And that’ll put a smile on our faces.

 #28 Buffalo Bills 1-2

CJ Spiller has been one of the bigger disappointments this season and Fred Jackson is proving he’s still the best running back on the roster. EJ Manuel only has one INT thus far.

 #29 Cleveland Browns 1-2

Is Brian Hoyer going to be the Browns starter this week? Yes. 300+ yards with 3 TD’s and most importantly a win earned him his second straight start.

 #30 Oakland Raiders 1-2

Their only win came against the team ranked dead last in the power rankings this week. Terrelle Pryor earning the starting job over Matt Flynn is a joke and with a concussion to Pryor, we’ll see why Matt Flynn should have been the starter from day one.

 #31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3

Josh Freeman has lost his job and it should serve as a huge wake-up call to the fifth-year QB. His completion percentage so far in 2013? 45%

 #32 Jacksonville Jaguars 0-3

Chad Henne played better than Blain Gabbert ever has in the NFL over the past two games. It’s no surprise that the Jaguars have named Gabbert the starter this week. Sound backwards? Maybe because it is. You can fully expect to see Henne as the starter again at some point this season.

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