Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

 #11 Atlanta Falcons 1-2

The Falcons are still a great team. Both of their losses have come to teams that remain undefeated on the season (Saints/Dolphins) so it’s too soon to give up on thinking they could be a serious threat for a deep playoff run in the NFC.

 #12 Indianapolis Colts 2-1

Ahmad Bradshaw leads the team in rushing yards and Andrew Luck only has three touchdowns through three games. And somehow they managed to beat a 49ers team everyone thought was a Super Bowl favorite.

 #13 Green Bay Packers 1-2

So far the Green Bay Packers have only managed to beat the winless Redskins, at Green Bay. No one thinks the Packers won’t comeback and miss the playoffs but the schedule the rest of the way is pretty tough. The sooner Aaron Rodgers can take over the better.

 #14 Detroit Lions 2-1

Wins against the Vikings and Redskins aren’t that impressive. A loss to the Arizona Cardinals is even worst. The Lions are in any game thanks to QB Matt Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson but they need more production from their mediocre defense.

 #15 Dallas Cowboys 2-1

The NFC East is arguably the worst division in the NFL this year. The Cowboys have the pleasure of having the best record but with the Redskins and Giants both tanking that’s not really all that difficult to achieve.

 #16 San Diego Chargers 1-2

They beat the Eagles. That’s about it. The loss to the Titans was a bit surprising. Phillip Rivers has a poor reputation around the NFL and it’s not going to get better with a loss to a team like Tennessee.

 #17 St. Louis Rams 1-2

The Rams are probably my second favorite team for the simple fact that they went 1-0-1 with the 49ers last season. They play on Thursday Night Football and I’d love to see them beat the 49ers again to drop them to 1-3 on the season. Come on Sam Bradford!

 #18 San Francisco 49ers 1-2

Niners fans are still complaining about the volume level at CenturyLink in their SNF matchup against the Seahawks in which they were humiliated on National television. Just further proof that they’ll whine about anything and everything.

 #19 Philadelphia Eagles 1-2

Chip Kelly and his new high-speed offense looked good and sounded even better. Now with the Eagles 1-2 it’s losing some of its shine. You have the personnel to make it work wonderfully, if it’s ever going to be successful in the NFL.

 #20 New York Giants 0-3

Dallas, Denver and Carolina. Three tough games, three tough losses. It’s not going to be any better with the Giants playing Kansas City, Philadelphia and Chicago in their next three. An 0-6 start would have been unimaginable three weeks ago.