Seattle Seahawks' depth evident in rout of J..."/> Seattle Seahawks' depth evident in rout of J..."/>

The Sound Off 9/23: Seahawks Depth, Nintendo Mariners, Huskies Bruins


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Seattle Seahawks’ depth evident in rout of Jaguars

"The Seattle Seahawks‘ junior varsity squad is superior to the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ varsity.On Sunday’s 45-17 laugher that played according to script, that was the primary takeaway.The Seahawks boast the deepest roster in the NFL while the Jaguars are stuck with the shallowest."


"Three games into this 2013 season, the Seattle Seahawks continue their search for an opponent that demands peak performance to win. This is a Ferrari stuck in third gear that is still buzzing by cars left and right. Seattle can be a significantly better team than they have shown thus far, but still have an NFL-best +59 point differential."

Howard Lincoln says Nintendo has no plans to sell Mariners

"Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln gave an interview to the Puget Sound Business Journal over the weekend, stating that Nintendo of America will not be selling its majority stake in the team at this time. The death last week of majority owner Hiroshi Yamauchi left open the possibility that his 55 percent stake — transferred to Nintendo of America in 2004 for estate planning purposes — could be up for grabs."

The Middling of Marc Burch

"Marc Burch has come a long way with the Seattle Sounders. In 2012, he started 19 regular season games due to a mix of injury, unavailability, and form on the part of Leo Gonzalez. On several occasions, Sigi Schmidt inaugurated the double-LB look with a later substitution to protect a lead, and often Leo played the more advanced position. Gonzalez reclaimed the starting spot by the end of the season. Turn the clock to 2013, and a mix of health, availability, and form has limited Burch to two regular season starts at LB, both in March."

Washington Huskies Football: Washington-UCLA Set to be Exciting Matchup

"Hopefully, the Washington Huskies are focused on their first Pac-12 game against the Arizona Wildcats this Saturday. But I am going to look ahead toward the end of the season for a second. The UCLA Bruins and the Huskies are separating themselves as the next two teams behind Oregon and Stanford in the Pac-12, ranking 13th and 16th, respectively, in the AP Poll."

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