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Seattle Seahawks Totally Dominated By St. Louis Rams… Still Win Game

In a game that you are totally dominated by the other team, how do you win? I watched the Seahawks suffer through this scenario and I still don’t know. I will be the first to admit that that was a pathetic performance by Seattle on a national stage, but we can’t say the Seahawks aren’t entertaining on Monday Night Football, with their previous game being the Fail Mary against the Green Bay Packers. Tonight they won in what should be seen as a terribly inefficient game by both teams, but when it comes down to one last play to win or lose, it makes for entertaining television does it not?

This game can be broken down in three words…terrible offensive blocking. The offensive line, which has had it’s fair share of trouble all season, just gave hope to 31 teams out there. There was absolutely no respect for our passing game…none. It was like the Rams brought a gun to a knife fight. They dared us to beat them and for 95% of the game we couldn’t. If it wasn’t for a great play on the ball by Golden Tate we would have finished the game with 7 points and under 100 yards of total offense.

I am sad to see the Seahawks falling into their norm, one game, one injury. Sidney Rice went out with an injury and we don’t know the extent, at least as of this writing. Every game we lose somebody, we can’t afford to keep doing this. Imagine if our injured players were on our beleaguered offensive line? The Bye week can’t come quickly enough.

3rd downs continue to plague us on both sides of the ball. We were able to convert a measly 2-11 on 3rd down. However, because it wasn’t challenging enough to have a terrible 3rd down conversion rate lets create a new dilemma, total first downs. We had a whopping 7 first downs…for the whole game. And do we even need to discuss the fact that they were able to amass 135 total yards? (My inner voice keeps repeating “pick your battles, pick your battles”) Okay, I’ll just let that one go.

Is it too much to ask for Mr. Bevell to get a bit more creative with his offensive play calling? Dropping straight back every time to run and throw the ball gets old very quickly when the other team is stacking the box, pinning their ears back and rushing the quarterback unabated. Could we try a bubble screen, play action, read-option or a roll out every once in a while just for kicks and giggles? Let’s open the play book back up and try something unique, especially when nothing else is working. What it looked like was we opened the play book alright…and showed it to the other team.

The Rams consistently had good field position all night compared to Seattle’s pitiful starting locations. To make matters worse we found ourself going backward with penalties on several occasions placing us further inside our own territory. This took any hope of running the ball away and left us passing, which meant they could pressure the quarterback and drive our team backward. A terribly vicious cycle.

I give Kellen Clemens credit, he did a very admirable job in a tough situation. He wasn’t great, but admirable. Throwing two picks early could have really hurt his confidence but he continued to stay in there and throw the ball. He only threw for 158 yards…but that was 19 more than Russell Wilson. He definitely showed a lot of tenacity and moxie in battling Seattle. Zac Stacy acted out his best impression of beastmode against our stout defense. His 134 yards overshadowed any semblance of running game that we tried to muster. Most of Stacy’s runs were against the grain, with the line moving one way and him moving the opposite. I think a ‘missing persons’ report went out for Tavon Austin who continues to be noticeably absent from this team’s offense…very peculiar if you ask me.

This was the kind of game that you looked for a hero…any hero would do. Enter Golden Tate stage left. Run. Jump. Catch. Taunt. Score. Thank you Golden for creating the only highlight of the evening, you seem to have a knack for the spectacular (especially on Monday Night Football). I wonder if Hallmark makes a ‘Thank You Mr. Tate, For All That You Do’ card?

If this game was meant to send a message to the other teams in the NFL, then I think we succeeded…we just sent the wrong message. The message I received was ‘get pressure on our QB and the Seahawks can be beaten’. Go Hawks!

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  • skeletony

    Golden Tate is our savior. I am hoping against hope that Seattle has the smarts to find a way to keep him in Seattle.

    • Paul Novak

      You know what though? I’m still not sold on him being a top WR. He might not even be a solid #2. Don’t get me wrong. He makes some great plays and has come up clutch for us o a few occasions, but is he a guy you want the team spending millions of dollars on like Sidney Rice?

      • skeletony

        He makes some great plays? Understate things much? Guy makes the impossible seem easy almost every game. He has rightly been called Seattle’s ‘Hines Ward’ for his ability to knock defensive players on their asses but he is a much better pass catcher. Sure he is still a bit green and makes the occasional mistake, like a dropped pass because he was making his move before securing the ball or a taunting penalty but he is not 1/25th as bad as Terrel Owens was on his best behavior. I think he is at least a solid #2.

        • Paul Novak

          I don’t think I understated it at all. The fail mary play was an obvious penalty as he pushed off big time. He got away with that one.

          Maybe I’m undervaluing him because the passing game hasn’t really gotten going consistently over the past year and a half.

          • skeletony

            He pushed off like almost every other receiver who has ever attempted to catch a hail Mary has done, every single time that type of throw has been attempted. He got away with it like almost every other receiver. And the guy he ‘pushed’ was not going to be relevant anyway. He still had to grab the ball away from Jennings in mid-air and wrest it from him with 5 other Green Bay defenders trying to do the same as he hit the ground with the ball. Maybe 3 or 4 other receivers in the NFL right now could have pulled that off. That does not put him in the top 3 or 4 but it is a rare talent he has for fighting off other players and making such plays.

            Who would you take ahead of him right now? Calvin Johnson is a given and Larry Fitzgerald. Not Wes Welker because he drops too many and does not have the speed or ‘fight’ in him but is made to look a lot better by Brady then Manning. Dez Bryant? The spoiled child who is also one good hit from a major injury? Brandon Marshall? Guy is pretty good but I wonder how he will fare without Cutler throwing him the ball on 80% of offensive plays.

            Also, why did you go right to the ‘Fail Mary’?! Do you think that one play sums up everything about Tate?

          • Paul Novak

            Went straight to it because it is his most iconic “great play.”

            And yes, I would take every single WR you mentioned over Tate. I’d even add a few like Victor Cruz, Demaryius Thomas, AJ Green, Roddy White, Julio Jones and more.

          • skeletony

            Why would you take Welker over Tate? Aside from his age, dropped passes, lack of speed and lack of toughness, I mean. If he left Manning to come to Seattle he would not be as successful and we would be wishing we had Tate. Why Bryant? Sure he is faster but doesn’t his behavior trump this? We can’t have and do not need any ‘T.O.’s’.
            I was thinking of Thomas as a tight end and not a WR at all and, again he plays with Manning. Everybody catching balls from Manning looks like twice the star. A. J. Green is definitely a better all around receiver and it looks like his troubled past is behind him so I will grant that one. Victor Cruz…? Maybe but not at all clear cut between he and Tate. Roddy White? No thank you. Julio Jones would seem obvious but I am now wondering how injury prone the guy will be? He is also not the blocker/physical; presence that Tate is.

          • Paul Novak

            Lack of toughness? Welker has missed three games in the past nine seasons. Have you seen some of the hits he’s taken and bounced back from? Welker is one of the toughest WR’s in the NFL.

            He’s also got some of the surest hands of any WR. He’s dropped a few important passes but overall he is still at the top of the class in terms of hands like glue.

            His speed might not be top level but he is a slot receiver. In fact, he’s probably the best slot receiver in the NFL over the past nine seasons. I’ll take Wes Welker over Golden Tate in a heartbeat.

          • skeletony

            Wasn’t talking about injuries. Was talking about that physical presence on the field that guys like Hines Ward and Golden Tate have/had. WRs that will level a linebacker while blocking or take a ball away from a DB to prevent an INT.
            Also Welker currently holds the record for dropped passes of all current NFL receivers IIRC. Sure you can chock some of that up to his being thrown to more than most receivers but still…he drops a lot.

          • Paul Novak

            Since 2004 Welker has the most receptions and is top 5 in receiving yards. I’ll take that over “physical toughness” every time.

            I still maintain that Golden Tate isn’t anywhere near a top NFL WR like some of the guys we’ve mentioned earlier. Is he an OK #2? Maybe. We’ll see a bit more with Rice out the rest of the season.

          • skeletony

            Well, he had zero receptions in 2004 and 29 in 2005. It wasn’t until 2006 (Pennington’s last year?) when he had 67 and like 600 yards. Enough to get Bill’s attention in NE. From that point on he was thrown to so many more times than anyone else by Tom Brady (and now Peyton Manning) that he has more yards and more dropped passes than anyone else. He is no scrub but I would not take him at 34 years old over Tate who bailed us out YET AGAIN today against Tampa.

          • skeletony

            Good to see the rest of the NFL is catching up to me concerning Tate(listening to John Lynch and other commentators praising Tate before he even scored the TD). You changing your mind now?

  • Gary Stewart

    this reads like a typical rams article failure to run the ball failure to block failure to create plays on offense and season ending injury to a pivotal player the one difference is jenkins miss times his jump and our beast stacy is on the sidelines with a bum ankle and we cant get 2 yards on 3 plays congrats to the hawks on the win i guess we can take solace in the fact our 2 1st round picks (ours and washingtons) are both going higher oh and by the way if our kicker doesnt miss a 50 yarder that was wide by 2 feet and could have been good from 65 yards we wouldnt have had to go for the td but a great game to watch

    • skeletony

      …and if one of our offensive players does not get flagged for a dubious holding call then Lynch gets Beast Mode going early with his 17 yard run and if the refs don’t make bad calls against Browner and Sherman then that is two less FGs you would have had. Butterfly effect and all that…