Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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With Week 4 of the NFL season starting today, we look at our Power Rankings before each game is played.

Wins and losses are important and are obviously factored into where teams are ranked, however this early in the season it’s more important how we think they teams will perform the rest of the way as opposed to how they look this early.

PR Seahawks #1  Seattle Seahawks 3-0

Seattle’s defense is already playing at mid-season form and they’re just now getting close to full strength on that side of the ball. Brandon Browner and Chris Clemons played their first game last week and Bruce Irvin will be coming back after the Texans game. There is no reason for the Hawks to not be ranked #1.


PR Broncos #2 Denver Broncos 3-0

If the Seahawks aren’t #1 in any Power Ranking, then it’s because the Broncos hold that spot. I almost put the Broncos in ours but I realized that if there is one secondary that could shut down Peyton Manning, it’s the Legion of Boom. The running game is looking good too and this is the dream Super Bowl matchup so far.


PR Saints #3 New Orleans Saints 3-0

Drew Brees is still the best QB that’s 6 feet or under in the NFL, for now. What the Saints could do with their improved defense should scare both teams ahead of them in the PR’s. If they could figure out the run game and how to use their personnel they could be a threat for the top spot.


PR Patriots #4 New England Patriots 3-0

After starting the season with a couple of very close wins, the Patriots demolished the Bucs 23-3 and are ultimately undefeated. It doesn’t matter how you win the game. Tom Brady and Co. are 3-0 and aren’t even playing their best football.


PR Bears #5 Chicago Bears 3-0

Jay Cutler has his weapons in Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. He’s also got Martellus Bennett has become a TD target for Cutler too. With their defense the Bears are making the same kind of run they did early last season. It’s to be seen if they implode the same way too.


PR Chiefs #6 Kansas City Chiefs 3-0

Andy Reid and Alex Smith are a match made in heaven for the Chiefs. A solid run game, a great defense and a QB that knows how to manage a game are turning the Chiefs into one of the best teams in the NFL. You think the 49ers wish they had Alex Smith?


PR Bengals #7 Cincinnati Bengals 2-1

Their only loss came against the undefeated Bears. A win against the Steelers and Packers at home is great but they’ll have to go on the road and win to make the playoffs. This weeks trip to face the Browns is a good start.


PR Ravens #8 Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Currently the Ravens sport the leagues 4th best rush defense. Impressive with their last game coming against the Texans and Arian Foster/Ben Tate. With the season opener embarrassment to the Broncos it appears Joe Flacco is righting the Ravens ship.


PR Texans #9 Houston Texans 2-1

With the 49ers not looking like the team we thought them to be, the Texans could be the toughest team the Seahawks have had to face so far this season. With Houston only giving up 157 yards passing per game Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense will have to go through Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin to score points. It’ll be a tough trip to Texas for the Seahawks to go 4-0 for the first time in franchise history.


PR Dolphins #10 Miami Dolphins 3-0

The Miami Dolphins are 3-0. With someone not named Dan Marino as their starting quarterback. Ryan Tannehill has Mike Wallace now but yet he’s third on the team in yards receiving. Charles Clay is listed as a FB with one carry but even he has more yards than Wallace.

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    Rooting for Palmer? Terrelle Pryor a joke? Sorry but your article is a joke.

    • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

      Yes, even though I write for a Seahawks focused site I can have and voice my opinions on other teams and players.

      Carson Palmer has been a player I have followed since he came into the NFL and have cheered for, especially after his unfortunate injury with the Bengals a few years back.

      Terrelle Pryor is another player I have an opinion on and feel shouldn’t be starting in the NFL. Matt Flynn will get an opportunity to start for the Raiders this week and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him take the job for good.

      With you being a Raiders fan it’s understandable why you don’t like my views. It’s just my opinion on these topics and I’m sure they vary greatly from many other people’s.

      Anyways, thanks for reading.

      • Jetlife510

        Lol this article is a joke no doubt about it. Youre a joke for saying pryor should of never started. First of all check their stats on rush yards and how he handles himself with the defense coming at him and still throws or rushes incredibly. You must be a rookie at this power rankings. Chump! Stop nut hogging palmer.

        • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

          Nut hogging him because I like him as a QB? Thanks for reading BTW

          • Jetlife510

            Thats all you can say??? Palmer is a horrible QB end of discussion.

          • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

            Him being a “horrible” QB means I can’t like him?

            He’s got over 30,000 passing yards, 192 TD’s and a QB rating of 85. How can you call him a horrible QB in the first place?

            If anything, it seems to me like you’re nut hogging Pryor pretty strong there “chump.”

          • Rod

            why are you even responding to that jerk…he’s just a troll fan looking to talk rudely behind the safety of his computer…save your typing for more adult conversations…otherwise your just wasting your time “debating” with little twerps playing on their parents’ computers…way below your pay grade my friend…and although I disagree with you about Pryor i would like to see you validate your assertion statistically given the lack of adequate development he’s had (leaving college early by force, inconsistency with o-coordinators, question regarding right fit of system for him)…

          • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

            You’re right about that Rod.

            Pryor was suspended for five games and chose himself to not return to the team after the suspension was over. He wasn’t forced to leave early.

            He can still prove me wrong and if he does, I won’t be too surprised. It’s not that I don’t think Pryor should be a starting QB. It’s more that I think that Matt Flynn is a better option. He’ll get the start this week and we’ll see what he does.

  • Jack Farguson

    You don’t have a clue. I can’t believe they let you write this blog. I know your a Seattle fan but If you want to be taken seriously you need to put some effort into seeing who is doing what in the league. This looks like the prediction of a spoiled rotten fan, not someone that knows their football.

    • Jetlife510

      Thank you! Appreciate every single team if you want to be appreciated. Sometimes people tend to stir things up with blogs like this.

    • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

      Spoiled rotten? How so?

      And this isn’t a prediction… it’s an opinion.

  • Jack Farguson

    And a pretty crappy one at that. Like I said, if you want to be taken seriously with your blog, Take it seriously. The picks you made look like they came from a spoiled rotten fans heart and not a person with any football knowledge. But I guess its your blog!!!!!

    • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

      I’m going to ask you again. How did anything I said give off a “spoiled rotten” feeling?

      And I’m guessing you’re a Raiders fan too?

  • Jack Farguson

    No I am not a Raiders fan. Go back and look at your power rankings! nuff said

  • Jack Farguson

    It must be true It doesn’t seem anybody thinks much of it.

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  • Rob_K

    Out of curiosity, how can you rank the Carolina Panthers three spots below the team they dismantled last week? I understand you want to see more of a passing attack, but that ranking just makes no damn sense.

    • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

      I stand by it. Come back in a few weeks and we’ll see if I was wrong or not.

      • Rob_K

        If we are waiting weeks to see if this pans out, there’s no reason to call this a week 4 power ranking. You should be ranking the teams on what they have shown, not how you think the season will end for them. Maybe you want to make a playoff prediction column instead.

        • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

          Nope. As of Week 4 I think the Giants are still a better team than the Panthers. Only reason I suggested you wait a few weeks is for things to play out so you can see I am right.

          • Rob_K

            So back it up. My original question is how are you rating them higher. The only discussion you are giving is to wait a few weeks. if you believe them better now, justify the ranking. In the actual article, it just says that the Giants may go 0-6. You bring up the fact that Carolina has the worst passing attack, but the second best rushing attack. So how is having some positive on the offensive side of the ball worse than going 0-6?

  • Peter Nugent

    Worst fail…. ever Giants at 20 Panthers at 23??? LMAO

    38-0 they couldn’t even get on the board yet in your completely unfounded opinion…

    Not to mention there the only team to stay within one score of the Hawks I’m guessing your basing it off the fact that the Panthers intentionally wanted to run the ball on you to avoid the NFL’s best secondary.

    • http://emaraldcityswagger.com/ Paul Novak

      Give it a few weeks and you’ll see why I went that way.