Washington State football: Mike Leach’s presser 10/29, improvement

Mike Leach, Washington State football. (Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images)
Mike Leach, Washington State football. (Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images) /
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Adding to the list

The longer Leach is in Pullman, the more we find out what he doesn’t like. He’s spoken out about things he has issues with such as the way NFL teams evaluate quarterback talent or different aspects of the game like player safety or instant replay.

Then, of course, we all found out about how Leach feels about an even run/pass offense mix. This week there are few more items we can add to the list of things the coach doesn’t like.

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First is that he has no patience for those in college athletics who don’t support a football playoff. He said that the lamest excuse for not having a four-team playoff is because of academics. The reason why is that football is the least intrusive of the varsity sports and that the playoff would happen around the time school is out of session.

We found out another rule that Leach doesn’t like, the slide rule. When asked about Minshew going airborne on a four-yard run, the coach thought “he should have got his pads low and run through it” (the tackler). He said the slide rule doesn’t work because the runner is down at the point of the slide, so it costs him three or four yards.

A few other bullet points

  • The pass coverage was sloppier against Staford than it was against Oregon. WSU’s secondary played “gritty” but they still have a problem defending bigger receivers.
  • Leach said he doesn’t read the papers, so he doesn’t know if Minshew is underbilled or not.
  • Cal standout linebacker Evan Weaver from Gonzaga Prep High School in Spokane was offered a scholarship to Washington State but turned it down.

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Leach mentioned several times that he and the Cougs are taking games one at a time and their focus is on California this upcoming Saturday.