Seattle Seahawks: October 2018 mailbag – Trades, Tedric, and DE’s

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts. Rasheem Green, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts. Rasheem Green, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /
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J.R. Sweezy, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by James Chance/Getty Images) /

Q5) Why is J.R. Sweezy starting over Ethan Pocic?

Andrew DurantJ.R. Sweezy is a monster. Plain and simple. He mauls the defensive line and even looks mean. Pocic is continually getting better but he isn’t as aggressive as Sweezy. For Sweezy to switch sides of the center and do as well as he did, you have no choice but to let him kill the defensive line.

Herb NightingaleEthan Pocic started the season at left guard while Sweezy was over at right guard, filling in for injured D.J. Fluker. In game three Pocic was injured and Fluker was activated after returning to full speed. Fluker was the intended starting right guard so they inserted him back in the spot.

They decided to move Sweezy over to the left side since Pocic was out. The first two games the Seahawks ran for 64 and 74 yards only. They lost both games though they were by a field goal and a touchdown. Pocic missed both the third and fourth games which the Seahawks won. In those games, Seattle ran for 113 and 171 yards.

Pocic was available to return to the starting lineup, however, coach Pete Carroll decided since they were running successfully with Sweezy at left guard they would keep it that way. The last two games they have run for 190 and 151 yards. Also, Seattle has won three out of the four games with Sweezy at left guard. So keep going what is working for you.

I’m sure Pocic will get his chance once again. He is versatile and can play all a five offensive line positions.

Ed Stein – I can sum it up in one word, chemistry. I like Pocic and think he’s a starting caliber NFL guard. Right now Sweezy is a better fit between tackle Duane Brown and center Justin Britt. In addition, Sweezy is also a better fit for the Seahawks continued commitment to the run.

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