Seattle Mariners: October mailbag – Robbie, Sugar, and free agents

Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images) /
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Seattle Mariners
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Q4 – In three years, who will be the best team in the AL West?

Matt Barry –  In three years, I see the Los Angeles Angels as the top team. They will lock up Mike Trout and will use those three years to restock with young talent. The Angeles also have the money to spend to get big free agents. At this point, the Astros will have some roster turnover. The Mariners will feel the effects of an empty farm system and Oakland can’t spend with the Angels. I think all signs lead to the Angels turning this around and giving Trout some postseason opportunities.

Ed Stein – Everyone thinks the Rangers are building to a powerhouse when they open their new ballpark in 2020. I don’t see it. Money and age will catch up with Houston in three years. The money will catch up with Oakland first, however. The Mariners minor league system is pretty bare right now. That leaves the Los Angeles Trouts Angels of Anaheim. In three years L.A. is the class of the American League West.

Jordan Cordano – Because of the Mariners lack of farm system depth across the board, I just don’t see them succeeding within that time frame. Felix, Seager, Cano, and Cruz most likely will all be gone. It could be a whole new look with a rebuilding of their roster in 2021. The Oakland Athletics and the Houston Astros still are set up for now and in the near future as they have younger rosters while still carrying a solid farm system. So, unfortunately, I see no change in the current standings.

Herb Nightingale – This is a hard one to decide on. The Astros likely would still have the most talented team but not sure whether they can afford to keep the nucleus. Verlander will probably be retired by then. Can their pitching stay at the same high level?

Oakland won’t be able to afford to keep the players they have now. The Angels will be paying the most money out beginning with Mike Trout. The Mariners will be able to spend money and Dipoto has some incentive to turn the M’s into a playoff team if he wants to stay beyond three years. The question though will he be able to get enough talent in the farm system in these three years.

Whoever has the best pitching will be the winner. Though the Angels will be able to spend it is hard to know whether they will have the best pitching. Right now I am going to be positive and say the Mariners because they are close to being there and the Astros and A’s will go down. Dipoto please don’t disappoint us.