Seattle Mariners: October mailbag – Robbie, Sugar, and free agents

Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images) /
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Seattle Mariners
Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Q2 – Should Seattle consider trading Edwin Diaz to restock their system?

Matt Barry – I wouldn’t trade an asset under team control like Edwin Diaz. The Seattle Mariners need more starting pitching that can get to him, but I wouldn’t trade him. I would entertain trading anyone but Paxton and Diaz. His stuff is electric and he’s a dominating finisher. He is the main reason Seattle won so many close games. I’d try to find other methods to get the farm system reloaded.

Ed Stein –  It’s a tempting idea, but I say no. Diaz is a weapon like none other in this era of specialization. Opposing teams know that if the M’s have a lead in the ninth inning, it’s game over for them. Keep Diaz and build a staff from the eighth inning and earlier.

Jordan Cordano – I think it’s too early to consider trading Edwin Diaz. While he is arguably the biggest trade chip the Mariners have, we just don’t know what moves can be made to make the 2019 season a competitive one. Going by the Mariners early season success in 2018, Dipoto could add the necessary pieces needed to fill the team’s needs and put out a contending team in 2019. Edwin Diaz would surely play a huge role in that scenario. With that being said, come July/August next season, if Seattle is hovering around .500 or below with no playoffs in the picture then it may be best to move him and try to get some elite prospects from a contending team.

Herb Nightingale – Although the idea would sound great to see Diaz pitching his whole career in a Mariners uniform, at the same time he is at his highest ceiling right now. In 2018, Diaz tied for the second most saves in a season with 57 and struck out 124 batters in 73 games, this might be the time to trade him.

The New York Yankees would be a team looking for the best closer in baseball right now since they lost the ALDS to archrivals Boston, three games to one. New York likely would give up the farm plus someone on their major league roster to acquire Diaz. The Red Sox may do the same thing to keep Diaz out of the hands of the Yankees. There could be other teams may do the same thing as well especially the Dodgers or the Cubs in the National League. There could be a bidding war for Diaz.

As I said, it would be nice to keep Diaz in a Mariners uniform I would like to see a playoff series along with the World Series in my lifetime even more and if it takes for the Mariners to trade Diaz, go for it.