Seattle Seahawks: What Should Seattle do with C.J. Prosise?

Russell Wilson, C.J. Prosise, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, C.J. Prosise, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

C.J. Prosise is hurt again. It’s likely Prosise will miss the week four divisional matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. What should the Seattle Seahawks do with the injury-prone running back?

Since being drafted in 2016’s third round, Seattle Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise could have suited up for gameday 35 times, but because of injury has only been available 13 of those 35 games. Prosise was most recently sidelined during pregame warmup of the Dallas game and was a late scratch.

How does a player who plays in just over a third of his possible games still take up a roster spot? Is there a possible trade in the near future? Let’s look at some options for Prosise’s future in the blue and green.


This is the best option for Prosise, but most likely the Seahawks could only receive a sixth or seventh round pick in return. Is that good enough for the oft-injured back? Absolutely. A sixth-round pick is better than a guy who can’t get on the field. The trade deadline is Tuesday following Seattle’s week eight matchup against the Detroit Lions.

Seahawks RB J.D. McKissic should be returning soon from a Jones fracture injury he suffered during the preseason. McKissick’s pass-catching ability, his speed with the ball, and proven durability make C.J. Prosise expendable. Seattle should trade Prosise for as much as they can get for him.


There has to be a benefit to holding on to Prosise. With CP22’s raw speed and skill when he is healthy, he has foiled would-be tacklers in the open field as well as getting open in the passing game. He has shown that he can be a huge playmaker and adds a dimension to the playbook when he is in the huddle.

When healthy he could start for a team with a halfway decent offensive line. The Seahawks offensive line has been getting better as the season goes on. Should he be ready to play on a consistent basis, there is little doubt he’ll produce, especially with Russell Wilson in the same backfield.


With all that said, for CP22 to remain on the Seattle Seahawks, and be in the fans good graces, he needs to get healthy and stay healthy for the rest of the season. When McKissic returns, Prosise will have competition for the speed/pass catching back job. It’s up to the former Fighting Irish running back to keep himself gameday ready. He can be a huge weapon or a big bust.

Prosise already has already achieved bust status, but can he turn things around in Seattle? Why bother, there are three other players that can do the same job.

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He hasn’t produced enough in the last two seasons to take up a roster spot if he is just going to continue to be injured. The Seattle Seahawks just need to give themselves another draft pick to try and draft someone who can remain healthy and can produce.