Seattle Mariners: A long baseball season, much too long

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What started off as a dream season for the Seattle Mariners, has turned into a nightmare. The end can’t come soon enough, so M’s fans can move on.

I am a big baseball fan so most years the Seattle Mariners season goes along fine and I wish it would never end. This goes for all the years the Mariners have had bad teams as well. However, this year I don’t feel the same way.

It’s like taking a long road trip. When you first get into the car, it’s fun and excitement. As the time and miles go by, you hit a traffic jam in one spot, and then there’s nothing on the radio you like. Eventually, the trip becomes a race against time. you have to reach your destination before you get so ticked off that the trip isn’t worth it.

Feeling Good

I’m saying this because the team got off to a fantastic start for the first three months. At the end of May, the Mariners had a record of 34-22 while the Oakland A’s were at 29-28. It was good for a five-game lead in the standings.

Most felt that June would be the toughest part of the Seattle Mariners 2018 Schedule, but they surprised the experts, winning 19 for the month while losing nine. Everything looked so great, even though Robinson Cano had been hurt then suspended for 80 games and wouldn’t return until August 14.

Additionally, Dee Gordon was on the disabled list but the M’s were in a solid position, second place, in the American League West.  The record at the end of June was 53-31 while the Oakland A’s at 46-38.

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