All Zach Norvell Jr. Needs is a Chance at Gonzaga

Zach Norvell Jr. may make some noise at Gonzaga with his impressive scoring ability.

Markelle Fultz may not be the only freshman making noise in the state of Washington.

Zach Norvell Jr. is a freshman for the Gonzaga Bulldogs this year. He is a 6-foot-5 205 pound guard from Simeon high school in Chicago, IL. And he is the most intriguing player in the 2016 class for Gonzaga.

Zach Norvell Jr. also received offers from Florida State, Georgetown, and Iowa State, and the kid can flat-out score. At the Las Vegas Classic, Norvell scored 53 points, on the strength of 14 three-pointers in that game. Jabari Parker, who was actually an old teammate of Norvell’s (Parker was a senior when Norvell was a freshman) was in attendance at the game.

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He was ranked 83rd overall in ESPN’s 100 ranking, and he finished ranked 21st out of all shooting guards in the 2016 class.

Norvell has a smooth left handed shot. He is absolutely deadly from the 3-point range.

The one issue Zach Norvell Jr. faces is playing time. With the addition of Jordan Mathews, a transfer from UC Berkeley, the hope of Norvell playing serious minutes slims quite a bit. Mathews seems to be the starting shooting guard going into the 2016- 2017 season. I still think though that if Mark Few can find a way to fit Norvell in the Zags’ offense without redshirting him, he can be an extremely deadly weapon.

I’m not going out and saying that Zach Norvell Jr. is going to be one of the best guards in the country this season. There is a major roadblock that will slow him from making a huge impact, I’m just saying if he gets the playing time, he has the scoring ability to make some noise.

Norvell is no Markelle Fultz, but watch out for this guy in Few’s consistently deadly system.