Poll: Best Seattle Seahawks Week One Moment

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The Seattle Seahawks have the worst record in the National Football League! Everybody panic! Okay, so they’re actually part of a sixteen-way tie for last, so no big deal. They’re still possibly the best team in the league, talent-wise, but if Sunday’s overtime road loss to the St. Louis Rams told us anything, it’s probably that it’s too early to be too sure.

Today we are bummed out, just as we were yesterday. Every win counts the same towards the final standings, and now the Seahawks have to play their entire season with this loss already in the books. The climb is just a little rockier now, and that could have been avoided with a win. But there was no win, and so the added challenge won’t be avoided.

But you know what? That wasn’t a bad loss. That was a thriller of a game. A lot of good stuff happened, to the point that the bad just barely outweighed the good. Like, by three points the bad outweighed the good. That leaves room for legitimately great moments, and lo, there were a few of those!

I’ve taken the liberty of identifying three plays that we all can probably agree were the best of the day. I’m not sure which of these three was the best, and so at the end of this post there is a poll. Who provided the best thrills on Sunday? You decide!

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