Getting To Know The Seattle Mariners’ September Call-Ups

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It’s September now, which means the rules of Major League Baseball have changed. From April through August teams were required to play with only 25 players on the active roster – quite the constraint! But now there’s no such constraint, as teams can bring up their whole 40-man roster if they do so please. The Seattle Mariners aren’t going to take full advantage, but they’re going to take some advantage.

Emerald City Swagger Seeks New Writers!

Here at Emerald City Swagger, we recently took the time to preview the potential call-ups on both the hitting and pitching sides of the game. I went as far as to identify nine players who seemed like decent-enough bets to join the big league team for the stretch. Since those lists were published the Mariners went and called up depth catcher John Hicks and reliever Mayckol Guaipe. And now they’ve called up two more of our nine names, plus two others nobody was expecting:

The haul gives the Mariners a new outfielder, a true utility piece, and two relievers. It’ll make the team a little bit more interesting for the rest of the season, which is all we should ask for at this point. It’s also quite interesting to see some of the names not to get a call-up: Danny Farquhar, Chris Taylor, and James Jones are all former Mariners still hanging out in the minors. Jesus Montero got a September demotion! But for now let’s focus on the new guys in town.

Each of Romero, O’Malley, Ramirez, and Zych will have a chance to make a mark on the big league team. How big of a mark remains to be seen! Here’s a breakdown of each player, along with what to expect from them this month.

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