The Three Best Seattle Mariners Hitters Are Hurt


The Seattle Mariners split their two-city interleague series with the San Francisco Giants, managing to avoid winning three of four last night by losing in blowout fashion. Typical Mariners! Though, to their credit, they did do it without two of their better players. Or, rather, a good player and one who’s supposed to be good.

Robinson Cano was scratched from the lineup when he couldn’t get his back to loosen up, and shortly before the game began he was joined by Kyle Seager, who was hit hard with a stomach virus. Those two were the team’s best players a year ago, and now both are going to be day-to-day, according to Greg Johns.

Nelson Cruz, too, was feeling sick before the game, though he was able to play. The hope is that all three are just fine and available as soon as tonight. That might be the reality, but it also wouldn’t be much of a surprise if one to all of the three need some time before they’re 100%.

Cano’s back has apparently been bugging him for a little while, and Lloyd McClendon said it just “locked up” on him yesterday. Given his awful offensive production this year, the team has no reason to force him into the lineup unless he’s 100% healthy. Maybe a couple days off would benefit him. Maybe eight and a half unpaid years off would benefit him.

Seager got so sick that he had to be sent home and hooked up to an IV bag, so it might qualify as a bit of a surprise if he’s able to return within the next couple days. We’ll have to wait and see how bad it is for Cruz, but hopefully the answer is “not bad at all.” Cruz is a pretty good hitter, you know.

What we know is that the Mariners played without Cano and Seager last night, and that they might have to do so again tonight against the first-place Houston Astros. Nelson Cruz should be available, unless he’s feeling worse now than he was yesterday. With the team thin on talent, it’s obviously a drag to lose anyone decent. For now it looks like nobody needs to go on the DL, for what it’s worth.

The Seattle Mariners need good players if they want to climb back into the AL West race, and right now their three best (well, two best) players are hurting. The less time these guys miss, the better. Hope for quick recoveries all around.