Nelson Cruz Did It Again


Did you expect Nelson Cruz to hit a home run today? I didn’t, to be honest. I figured the streak would end tonight, if only because the odds say it should’ve ended days ago. Streaks aren’t the kind of thing we expect. We certainly don’t expect home run streaks. Nelson Cruz hit another home run tonight, is what I’m trying to say.

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Nelson Cruz hit a home run yesterday. Nelson Cruz hit two home runs the day before yesterday. The day before that, Nelson Cruz hit a home run. And the day before that, Nelson Cruz hit a home run. Five days, six home runs. This is getting out of hand.

Nelson Cruz has six home runs on the year, all in the last five days. The season’s young, sure, but those six home runs are more than any other player in the majors has thus far. Cruz led the league in long balls last season. He’s doing a damn good job so far on his quest to repeat.

The Seattle Mariners look horrible right now. The starting pitching is a mess, and Robinson Cano just made one of the worst baserunning mistakes I’ve ever seen as I was typing this sentence. Nobody’s getting any hits. The M’s have a lot of questions to answer going into tomorrow’s off day.

But! Nelson Cruz. There’s always Nelson Cruz, MLB home run leader. Maybe he’ll hit another tonight. Wouldn’t be wise to put it past him.