Seattle 24, Philadelphia 14 – Seahawks Win Third Straight


Russell Wilson, it could be argued, just had his worst passing game in weeks. He was only 22 for 37 throwing the football, but still came up with 263 yards in the air to go with the 48 on his feet. He threw two touchdowns and ran another one in himself. That should tell you about all you need to know about the elite level of play that the Seattle Seahawks have treated us to in late November and, now, December.

The Philadelphia Eagles are an excellent team. They came into this game with a better record than the Seahawks, and were probably best viewed as slight favorites due to their home field advantage. It didn’t matter, since the Seahawks have spent the last three weeks playing like the best football team in the world. Today, clearly, was no exception.

The importance of Seattle’s QB can’t be understated, as Wilson battled back from a tough first quarter to post dominant numbers in the second and third. His touchdown run to tie the game was as heads-up a play as you could realistically hope for from any quarterback, and at this point there’s no arguing Russell’s the best in the game on his feet. Nobody at this position runs better (or smarter) than number three.

Not to detract from what the defense just did, of course. By scoring fourteen whole entire points, the Eagles at least made themselves look like a professional offense, a feat that proved too difficult for Arizona and San Francisco. But then you look at what guys like Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner just did, and you see why the ‘Hawks were able to keep Philadelphia off their backs. Once these ‘Hawks get the lead, they’ll be damned to give it back.

Mark Sanchez‘s comeback train was run off the rails by the Legion of Boom, as the Eagles QB was 10 for 20 for a measley 96 yards. He had his two touchdowns, but there was also an ugly interception. He only carried the ball one time, which served to again remind Seahawks fans how lucky we are to have Russell Wilson. Mobility from the QB position is a nice, nice thing.

Jordan Hill and Marcus Burley also made nice contributions to the defense, while Marshawn Lynch overcame some early-game struggles of his own to lead the offense with 86 rushing yards and 27 yards on the pass. Doug Baldwin had a 97-yard game, and is really coming into his own down the stretch.

Lynch and Jon Ryan each gave up the ball via the fumble, which was the only real knock against the Seahawks in this game. Ryan’s was particularly painful, as it gave the Eagles the ball deep into their own territory. They converted the kicker’s mistake for a touchdown, and grabbed an early lead. But it wasn’t enough. Not nearly. Not with the Seahawks playing the best football they have since the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks gave us many a scare early in the year by looking more good than great, then more mediocre than good. Now they look legitimately great, and are setting themselves up nicely for the postseason. It’s a good day. Oh wait, what’s that, the Raiders beat the 49ers? It’s a great day.