Nelson Cruz Signs With Seattle Mariners: Twitter Reactions


The signing of Nelson Cruz is big news for the Seattle Mariners. Putting the 2014 home run king in between Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager gives the Mariners some serious pop in the middle of the lineup.

It’s no surprise that the move created quite the social media reaction, most of it positive among Mariner fans as well as analysts. However, some were quick to point out that whenever you sign a 34-year old to a four-year deal, there is risk involved.

But as Jeff Sullivan points out (third tweet down), who knows what will happen four years from now? Cruz makes the Mariners a significantly better team right now, without giving up young talent, or any talent for that matter. How can you argue with that?

Nelson Cruz Reaction: The Good

Nelson Cruz Reaction: The Bad

Nelson Cruz Reaction: What’s Next?

Whether or not this move ends up being worth $57 million when we look back on it four years from now is up for debate. However, Mariner 4-hole hitters hit .218 with 19 HR in 2014. Even in a worst-case-scenario, I think it’s safe to say Nelson Cruz will hit significantly better than that. Without a doubt, Cruz will pay off in 2016.

Let’s just hope it puts the M’s over the top.