Mariners Trade Rumor Series: Talking Troy Tulowitzki With Rockies Writer


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Troy Tulowitzki has long been a subject of interest when it comes to Seattle Mariners trade rumors. I know I would love to add the best SS, and possibly position player, in all of baseball – but what would it take to make a deal happen from Colorado’s perspective?

That’s why we have Andrew Dill from Mile High Maniac to answer our questions. Is Troy Tulowitzki a realistic possibility?

Mariners Trade Rumor Series: Troy Tulowitzki

Emerald City Swagger: Troy Tulowitzki’s injury issues are sure to lower his trade value in the eyes of teams looking to acquire him. Do the Rockies judge Troy Tulowitzki’s value based on the fact that when healthy, he is the best SS (and possibly position player) in baseball, and will that be the major hitch in a possible deal?

Mile High Maniac: In my opinion, Troy Tulowitzki is the best shortstop in the game when healthy – easily. Heck, even one of the top five players in the game. Last season prior to getting hurt, Tulowitzki was putting up ridiculous numbers. In just 91 games played, Tulo hit .340/.432/.603 with 18 doubles, 21 home runs, 52 RBI’s, and walked 50 times. Let me reiterate, that’s in 91 games folks. Tulo was well on pace for 40 home runs and 100+ RBI’s.

Knowing Colorado’s management, they will brush off the fact that he was and has been injured, expecting a top-notch deal to even considering trading their franchise player. If Tulo were to move, Colorado would have to eat some – if not a good chunk – of his contract. In the offseason of 2010, Colorado agreed to a seven-year extension giving the shortstop $157.57 million guaranteed through 2020.

ECS: What would it take for the Rockies to part with him? 

MHM: In order for Seattle to acquire Tulowitzki, it may take the likes of Taijuan Walker and a few other top prospects. I’m very fond of Walker and have kept my eye on the 22-year-old throughout the past couple of seasons. It appears he still needs a little tune-up in his game, but overall I like what I’ve seen. Walker has had injuries set him back, which may lead to second thoughts.

ECS: Do you see his injury issues as something that will continue to be a trend in his career, or has he just had bad luck in 2012 and 2014?

MHM: As far as Tulo’s injury history goes, it seems like it’s an every year occurrence. Colorado starts out smoking hot nearly every season until Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez magically get injured at the same time, if not the same month.

ECS: Ultimately, do you see a deal getting done for Tulowitzki? And how do the Mariners compare in terms of what they have to offer compared to other teams vying for Tulowitzki?

MHM: Colorado has been linked to the two New York teams in trade talk this past season. In order for Seattle to land a player like Tulo, they must make an offer Colorado simply couldn’t refuse. It would be hard to see Seattle trump an offer from the Mets, who have oodles of pitching in the farm and in the bigs – which Colorado desperately needs.

This post is part of a series in which ECS conducts Q&A discussions with writers who cover teams that may be potential Mariners trade partners. Look out for future posts featuring conversations about Yoenis Cespedes, and Matt Kemp!