Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To The 12’s


According to KomoNews, the Seattle Seahawks have been selling watered-down beer at CenturyLink Field.

As a 19-year old, I can neither confirm nor deny this finding.

However, I do have season tickets (section 331 FTW!), so it does upset me that they would be falsely advertising like that. Who knows what else they could be fudging details about?

Here are the findings:

Stella Artois: 

5.0% advertised Alcohol By Volume

4.8% tested


Bud Light:

4.2% advertised

3.9% tested


Redhook Brewery No Equal:

5.2% advertised

4.8% tested



5.2% advertised

4.7% tested


Bass Pale Ale:

5.1% advertised

4.5% tested



5.0% advertised

4.4% tested

If this is an attempt to reduce the amount of intoxicated people at games, then the intentions are good, but the execution is awful.

If they want to reduce intoxication, watered down beer is not a good move. Put in a cut-off system like stamping their hand, and when they hit a certain amount of stamps they can’t buy any more, or something to that effect.

But watering down the drink in secret without changing the price is not a good move. You can’t lie to your fans, you just can’t.