Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks Rediscover Themselves In Blowout Win


The Seattle Seahawks have spent this season answering questions nobody ever thought would need to be asked. Why is the best receiver on the team being traded for peanuts? Who is even a part of the Legion of Boom anymore? Why isn’t Marshawn Lynch being used like the offensive catalyst he is?

That last question was the most confounding, and for the longest time. Injuries and tension weren’t expected, but they’re at least somewhat typical ails. But the offense simply seeming to forget about perhaps it’s most important player? That was just baffling. It seemed like a decision, or lack of decision, that directly made the Seahawks worse.

After some tough early-season losses, the Seahawks started saying what the public was thinking: time to re-think this offensive strategy and come back with game plans than better suit the team’s strengths. The team’s biggest offensive weapon is speed and power on the ground. That’s Lynch, in a nutshell.

Given the events of this past Sunday, is anybody questioning whether or not the Seahawks still know how to use their star running back? Seattle drubbed the New York Giants 38-17 while rushing for a franchise-record 350 yards. A gaudy total, though the production largely came down to two players: Lynch and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson piloted the outburst with 107 rushing yards, including a TD run. He threw for 172, as well, and despite two interceptions had a fairly excellent game. But nobody compared to Lynch this week. Beast Mode ran for 140 yards and was a force to be reckoned with from the game’s first drive to it’s last. Oh yeah, and he had four touchdowns. That’s four, as is four. Four touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch. All on the ground, all in one game.

It was arguably the Beast’s most productive game ever, as he’s certainly never had four scores before. It was a flashy, twisting performance for the man who so often seems impossible to bring down. The Seahawks needed to do only one thing on this day: give the ball to Marshawn Lynch. They did that, trusting him with the game. It worked out spectacularly, as one would assume it to.

This was being touted as Seattle’s last, best chance for a blowout. You don’t get extra credit for having a huge margin of victory, but it sure does wonders for the nerves. Especially given last week’s close call against a truly miserable Oakland Raiders team, this game stands out as a moral victory coupled with a football victory. It’s a real feel-good thing, this game. The Seahawks have us feeling good.

For a while it seemed as if the Seahawks were trying to see if they could win without using Marshawn Lynch the way he’s supposed to be used. It worked really poorly for them, so now they’re back to letting him run all over helpless defenses and dragging them into the endzone with him. Wilson and Lynch give the Seahawks a ground game no other team than match. When used correctly, it looks a lot like a three-touchdown win. Which, hey, that’s what happened!