UW Huskies Drop Star Cornerback Marcus Peters


The 6-3 Washington Huskies football team has enjoyed a fine season to date, beating the teams they were expected to beat while going nowhere against the teams they weren’t expected to beat. Their overall performance has put them in position to make a run at a bowl game, which certainly seems like a likely outcome. But as of today, they’ll have to pursue that goal without one of their stars.

Standout cornerback Marcus Peters has been a huge part of the Huskies defense for the last three seasons. He’s a good bet to go in the first round of the NFL draft, and has been arguably Washington’s best defensive player. But personal issues have marred his tenure at UW, and now all that baggage has resulted in his dismissal from the program.

Peters was somewhat famously suspended for one game this September after headbutting an Eastern Washington University receiver and then throwing a tantrum on the sidelines. That outburst was followed by reports that Peters was clashing with new UW coach Chris Petersen and his staff, culminating in arguments all week and at least one skipped practice.

During UW’s feel-good 38-23 road win in Colorado last week, Peters allegedly got into an argument with members of the coaching staff. He then missed practice, only to return to clash with coaches again. Peters had five interceptions last year and was on pace to match that mark again this year. But sometimes even talent�isn’t enough to overcome a personality clash.

For Petersen, this is another example of the team coming before the individial. The coach has now suspended or dismissed nine players from the team this year. Petersen may well have been the most talented yet, and so the message is clear: the team is the first concern. Egos don’t play at UW.

It’s a blow to the Huskies, and a move not at all dissimilar from what happened with the Seattle Seahawks a few weeks ago. It’s tempting to hold onto talented players despite their warts, but that’s not to say it’s always worth it. In this case, the risk outweighed the reward. And so life will go on for the Huskies, even as they bid farewell to a now-former star.