Seattle Seahawks Locker Room Divide: The Real Story


Russell Wilson’s leadership has come under fire over the past couple weeks after reports surfaced that he wasn’t “black enough,” and that he was the cause of a Seattle Seahawks locker room divide.

Richard Sherman poked fun at a certain reporter with the media after Sunday’s win in Carolina.

Doug Baldwin, however, doesn’t refute the locker room division one bit in his interview with 710 ESPN’s The Barbershop.

“He posed the question, has Popeye’s or KFC got better chicken?” Baldwin said. “There’s been a divide in the locker room about who’s got the better chicken.”

So there you have it. There is an all out war going on in the Seahawks locker room. A member of the anti-KFC faction had this to say of Popeye’s:


“There is an element of quality that needs to be discussed,” the unnamed source said. “My feeling on this – and it’s backed up by several interviews with Popeye’s employees – is that the chicken isn’t ‘crispy enough.'”

Meanwhile the Popeye’s fans would point out how KFC let go of  highly productive fry-cook, Searcy Garvin, last week due to his anger issues. And according to reports, cashier extraordinaire Tayshaun Mynch refused to get in the company carpool vehicle when the news broke.

Rumors now have it that Mynch is no longer in communication with KFC management, and is not expected to be on staff in 2015.


Ok, so everything from Baldwin’s quote down didn’t actually happen. But as ridiculous as it sounds, it really is a somewhat-accurate representation of how the story has been reported. It’s funny how things escalate, isn’t it?

Seriously, what the heck? This locker room has been airtight on any and all issues going on since Pete Carroll took over. Then all of a sudden, everyone and their mother has some inside source who is giving them damning information about the ‘Hawks chemistry. Who knows what they’ll report next?

They can keep reporting whatever they want. While the Seahawks are struggling right now compared to last season’s historical greatness, they are still arguably the most talented team in the NFL, and without a doubt youngest. The future is bright, regardless of whether Popeye’s or KFC is deemed tastier.