Seattle Seahawks News: Marshawn Lynch Will Be Here All Year


After the Percy Harvin trade, word started to get out that the Seattle Seahawks are some kind of a mess behind the scenes right now. While the team is stumbling on-field and has been one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments thus far, that chaos isn’t just confined to game days. Locker room turmoil is seemingly at a new high, and it already pushed one high-profile star out of town. Not the best turn of events for a team looking desperately to turn the season around.

Marshawn Lynch, known for his love of Skittles and hatred of talking to the media, has apparently drawn the ire of the organization. He’s a true superstar, a celebrity running back who does things that hardly anyone else in the world can do. He’s the kind of player you can build an offense around, which is what the Seahawks have done during their most successful seasons. Lynch is a franchise cornerstone and a Seattle icon. Yet the talk around him lately has been about the trade deadline.

With Harvin, a trade made a little sense, if you squinted, since his style of play hadn’t really meshed with the rest of the offense. But Lynch is the offense, and trading him would seem to many fans like something of a white flag. But fear not, Hawks fans, as word from Pete Carroll is that Lynch will be sticking around a little longer.

During his press conference yesterday, Carroll was asked if it was “safe to say” that Lynch would be with the team after the trade deadline. The coach’s response: Yeah you’re strong. Go ahead. You can go with that.” So there you have it – no Marshawn Lynch trade forthcoming, at least not while the season’s going on.

Whether the Seahawks keep Lynch past this season, of course, remains to be seen. For all the value the guy has right now, he’s also going to get more expensive next year while likely heading into a decline phase. Running backs don’t age well, and who knows, maybe there’d be no better time to part ways with Lynch than 2015. But right now, the Seahawks have to remain focused on climbing back into the thick of things in the NFC. That’s a lot harder to do without Marshawn Lynch.