Marshawn Lynch On The Trade Block???


When someone says something that absolutely defy logic, chances are, it’s not true. Chris Mortensen, however, is usually a trustworthy source.

While Mortensen does say that the Seattle Seahawks have not officially put Marshawn Lynch on the trade block, he reports that they are growing tired of the distractions he may be causing the team.

Mortensen included his offseason holdout, skipping the White House trip, and contributing to the backlash following the trade of Percy Harvin as reasons Seattle no longer thinks he is worth the production.

None of these reasons make much sense to me. It was reported that his opposition to the Harvin trade was overblown, and it’s not like he’s the first player to hold out. And not going to the White House is just an absurd reason to factor into trading him.

And then of course there’s the fact that he is the team’s best offensive player. In my opinion, the Hawks would be screwed without Marshawn. I think that Russell Wilson has the ability to become a special QB, and he is still growing every week. But at this point in his career, I don’t think he would be able to carry an offense that doesn’t have a running game on a consistent basis.

Take for example the fact that in two of Seattle’s three losses this season, Marshawn has been left out of the offensive game plan completely. And despite the Seahawks not running the ball in those games, Russell still was below his season average in yards, TD’s, completion % and QBR.

Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are both decent backs, but Marshawn is what makes this offense go. A trade of the Beast at any point this season or this offseason would absolutely shock me.

Not to mention devastate the Seahawks offense.