UW Huskies Blown Out In Oregon


Let’s get this out of the way real quick: Oregon is ranked as the ninth-best team in the nation. There’s not a whole lot of question as to whether or not they’re the best team in the Pac-12 – they’re the best team in the Pac-12. Considering that Arizona, Arizona State, and USC are all also ranked in the top 25, that’s saying something. Oregon is good. Really, really good.

The good news: the UW Huskies scored 20 points against the Ducks! The bad news: Oregon scored twice as many, plus five. Chris Petersen‘s team even took an early lead, opening the scoring with a field goal three minutes into the game. Oregon answered with a touchdown, but UW kept it close with another field goal.

From that point forward, the game unraveled. By the time the first half was up Oregon had a 28-6 lead, which they only added to despite a stronger second half from UW. The biggest star of this game was Oregon freshman Royce Freeman, who rushed for four touchdowns. Four! It could be said that Freeman alone beat the Huskies. While that did not in fact happen, it did sort of happen.

Freeman also had more yards (169) than Huskies quarterback Cyler Miles (147), who threw one short touchdown pass but was also intercepted once. Miles was 19-for-28 passing. Not the game he had against Cal a week ago, but not a disaster by any means. He kept the Huskies in it early, then fought back with a respectable finish once the game was out of hand.

A disappointing loss, but one that many fans saw coming. Oregon is just too good for UW to beat right now, just as they have been the last nine times the two teams played. Next up they’ll have another huge challenge in Arizona State, though that game is likely much more winnable than this one since it’s going to be played in Seattle. How big would that win be? For now, the Huskies will head into their week with memories of an elite opponent fresh in their minds. They’ll need that experience come Saturday.