NBA Has One Billion Reasons To Come To Seattle


Following a three-week hiatus, Bill Simmons returned with a bang, proposing a theory of the return of the Seattle SuperSonics.

In May, the NBA sold the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million to a pair of owners committed to keeping the team in southeast Wisconsin. However, there was a buyback clause included in the deal, stating that if a new arena wasn’t built by the start of the 2017 season, the NBA would take back control of the team for $575 million.

It would seem that 3 1/2 years would be plenty of time to get everything in place, but so far, no progress has been made whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the value of NBA franchises have skyrocketed, and according to Simmons, the Bucks are now worth $1.6 billion. Meaning that if the NBA were to buy the team back for the agreed upon $575 million, they could then pocket over $1 billion dollars, or about $35 million per owner, by selling the team to Chris Hansen.

I am confident that Hansen would be the guy the NBA owners would sell to due to the fact that they all owe him a favor, or a couple million favors.

His original bidding partner, Steve Ballmer, shocked the sports world with a RIDICULOUS $2 billion bid for the Los Angeles Clippers in late-may.

And a year prior to that, Chris Hansen, almost doubled the value of the Sacramento Kings in his bidding war with Vivek Ranadive.

So the city of Seattle is in the good graces of the owners, and should a relocation or expansion situation present itself, Seattle has first dibs.