Seahawks vs Cowboys Grades (Spoiler Alert, They’re Bad)

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Seahawks vs Cowboys Grades: The Bad

If I see or hear one more person debating Russell’s “eliteness,” I’m going to blow a gasket. The guy doesn’t need to be elite, he needs to make the important throws on third down, the occasional big play, and let Marshawn Lynch and the defense do the rest. Today, Darrell Bevell inexplicably abandoned the run and put the entire offense on the right arm of Russell Wilson. The results were 14-28, 126 yards and an INT. Not to mention 4.5 yards per attempt! That is terrible. Accuracy issues are the worst thing for a quarterback when they rear their ugly head. Russ struggled with a lot of things.. QB. Seattle Seahawks. RUSSEL WILSON. D

D. Not sure how much you can put on Harvin and how much was due to blocking. But Harvin recorded three catches for a total of ZERO yards. He managed to do even worse on the ground with three rushes for -1 yard. He also didn’t make it past the 20 on three of his five kick returns, but did have one 46-yarder.. WR. Seattle Seahawks. PERCY HARVIN

CB. Seattle Seahawks. MARCUS BURLEY. D. You could throw the whole secondary in with Burley, to be honest. Earl missed tackles, Kam picked the wrong gap on a couple runs, and receivers were running free across the field all day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that since this group of DB’s came together.