Seattle Seahawks Are Super Bowl Favorites


Ten years ago, the New England Patriots were defending Super Bowl champions. They went into the season with hopes of defending their title, then were able to successfully do just that on February 6, 2005. When the Pats beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win their second consecutive Super Bowl, they became just the seventh team to win it all in back-to-back years. Nobody’s done it since.

The Seattle Seahawks have looked at times like the best team in the league. Other times they’ve scuffled, allowing their (minimal) weaknesses to be exposed, but generally they’re who you’ll find at the number one spot on any given power rankings. The Arizona Cardinals are showing that the NFC West is the toughest division in football, but the Seahawks are still the odds-on best team in the game.

Which means that if you’re betting on the Super Bowl outcome, it’s still wisest to gamble on the Hawks. According to Bovada, via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seahawks are currently 4-to-1 favorites to win The Big Game for the second year in a row. Those are… really good odds. Stunningly good. San Francisco, for the record, checks in at 12-to-1. Still good odds! But certainly not 4-to-1.

Many fans right now are concerned with the offensive line, given all the penalties and passes that permeated Monday night’s win over Washington. But this is a team that’s shown it can overcome it’s flaws, in that it’s built on defense and wheels. Look no further than explosive players like Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin to understand where that 4-1 number comes from. Look at the defense. Look at the rushing game. This team is really, really good.

It doesn’t hurt that Wilson is having an MVP year. Also from Bovada, Wilson has 8-to-1 odds of claiming the league’s MVP award, which is a big jump from the 10-to-1 odds he had last week. That’s what a superlative performance will do for you, I suppose. Wilson’s right there with Phillip Rivers as the hottest quarterbacks in the game right now, which is a huge boost to an already-amazing team.

Would it be a surprise to see the Seahawks in another Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not. Are they favored to win? Yes, absolutely, which is still crazy to think about. The Seahawks! Like, the Seattle Seahawks! Best team in the league. Super Bowl favorites. May this never end.